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We combine everything you need to work in the field of foreign economic activity!

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to our importer

The customer completely transfers the customs clearance process under the responsibility of our importer. We release the client from the difficulties that can be encountered when preparing documents for customs clearance, prepare the necessary package of documents and exercise full control over customs clearance. The advantage is that all risks are borne by our importer, whose liability is insured. As well as many years of experience shows, this design option is more profitable and safer for the client.


to your contract

The importer (legal entity of the client) concludes a direct contract with a Chinese supplier, independently carries out all foreign exchange transactions and prepares the necessary package of documents for customs control. We help to calculate customs payments, make payments using the correct details and draw up additional documents. With this scheme, the client bears most of the risks, which include: additional charging of customs payments, payment of collateral, and the like.


50 kg in 35-55 days

We will offer you a route that is profitable for you, based on the timing and type of your cargo. We undertake customs clearance and preparation of permits.

We provide delivery of goods from any port of the world on FOB and EXW terms. Our company is the best customs broker in Vladivostok and Moscow.


dispatch 2 times a week

This is one of the most popular services. It's very profitable! Several companies make up a consolidated cargo and share all the shipping costs among themselves. This saves both time and money.

Delivery of goods from China and Asia-Pacific countries through the Republic of Belarus

Do you want to cut costs when supplying goods to the Russian market?

Now there is a wonderful opportunity to supply goods and groupage cargo through the Republic of Belarus.

This allows you to reduce costs when paying customs duties, so even taking into account

more complex logistics, you get a more favorable cost of importing various goods to the Russian market.

Why it happens?

Due to the fact that the rates of customs duties on most goods in the Republic of Belarus are lower,

this combined route of delivery of goods gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce your overall costs

for the supply and customs clearance of goods.

Our advantages
Experience since 2004 has allowed us to bring the technology of organizing the delivery of goods and customs clearance to perfection.
65 representative offices in cities and ports

Your item is safe. We act quickly in unusual situations

Convenient customs clearance
Customs clearance of goods under a direct contract with your supplier
49 warehouses in our business network
We will save your goods until the desired date of dispatch and transfer to you or your partner
Get a commercial offer with a 10% discount on your first shipment
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  • Legal support

    We conclude supply contracts with suppliers according to all norms of local and international law. We work in the same legal field, which reduces your risks to almost zero

  • Cargo insurance

    Your cargo is insured by an insurance company that has received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011

  • Accounting department
    We help to optimize accounting costs and submit reports within a quarter with the maximum benefit for you
  • Factory shipment control and cargo storage

    If necessary, our representative will come

    to the factory, will make a photo report of the loading of your goods, additional packaging and storage

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Integrated Logistics and Customs clearance of your goods

We combine everything you need to work in the field of foreign economic activity!