Outsourcing of Foreign Economic Activity
We will search for suppliers according to your requirements, as well as check the factories of contractors and provide comprehensive results. We will develop an optimal - convenient and economical route for the delivery of goods to the customer's address.
Turnkey delivery
We will take upon ourselves the solution of all issues from cargo transportation with detailed route planning, which is monitored at all stages: from loading and ending with delivery to the destination, to customs clearance of goods with full documentary support.
Groupage cargo
The advantage of groupage cargo transportation is that you do not need to invest a lot of money and purchase large container volumes of goods. We recommend groupage cargo transportation to companies and entrepreneurs who make small purchases abroad.
Railway delivery
Suitable solution for transporting heavy and bulky goods. Our company is ready to draw up the best route for your cargo transportation on the railways of China and Russia. We will deliver on a turnkey basis, with related services.
Shipping by sea
Sea transport is the cheapest way to deliver goods to Russia. We recommend shipping by sea for the transport of large and heavy, container deliveries and groupage cargo. We will develop an optimal route for you, including using other types of transport.
Air delivery
Air delivery is the fastest way to transport cargo to Russia. We recommend using air transportation if you need to deliver a relatively small consignment of goods over a long distance in the shortest possible time. Transportation time by plane is 1-3 days (Far East, Siberia, Central Russia).
Auto delivery
We will develop an optimal door-to-door transportation scheme. For the prompt delivery of consignments of goods from border cities, we recommend using vehicles. The company's specialists will advise on road delivery issues and recommend optimal solutions.
Customs clearance
We are able to quickly and correctly prepare goods and documents for customs control. Our professional approach minimizes risks and guarantees a positive result in the shortest possible time. Customs clearance is a complex process that includes several stages.
Payment to suppliers
Entrepreneurs who buy products often have difficulty paying for orders. Typical problems: language barrier, the need for settlements in foreign currency, lack of security guarantees for transfers.
Warehouse services
We offer our partners the services of temporary storage of goods, repackaging, consolidation and regular shipment in bulk. Use our warehouse capabilities for convenient, cost-effective, safe delivery of goods!